Here's how Spurred Up is working to inform our youth on the contributions made by our ancsestors and the values they shared with our generations .

School Partnership Presenters
Peter Taylor, Juanita Brown, Inez Taylor, Jeff Duval, Kitty Brown, Randy Harris & Odest Logan
Joseph Matthew, Sam Styles, and Terry McWilliams

School Partnership Tour

One of the tools used to increase knowledge of the Western Culture past and Present

Spurred Up and its team of cowboys, cowgirls, horsemen/women, ranchers, historians present to public schools and charter school students the education regarding the western and equine cultures. It is important to identify the tools of the trade  in working together to accomplish something as monumental as the building of the old west, such as caring for animals and preserving the land for agricultural use. Our team of ranchers bring their equipment used daily in ranch work and horsemanship for display and demonstrations, as well as bring their horses, for the students to have the opportunity to interact up close and personal.



field trips

The field trips are to expose inner city youth to many aspects of the western culture. Many of today's youth have never experienced the life or day to day operations on a working ranch. This experience avails our youth to an idea of the agricultural industry which support our economy today. From having and raising animals that support our food industry, growing and harvesting the crops that support and sustain our agricultural industry.

Field trips to horse expos, horsemanship clinics, rodeos and other types of equine related events gives our youth increased awareness of the equine world. These examples show the different types of horses, the athletic qualities that they exhibit as well as the many uses for competition or for the use on a working ranch.  These events also include auctions for the purchase of livestock which relates growth on a ranch of farm.


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spurred up youth riding team

Spurred Up Youth Riding Team began riding lessons two years ago. Spurred Up has continued to have riders trained by Don Clark ( professional trainer ) of Tyler Ridge Ranch  in La Grange Ca. Don is a trainer for for Northern California Cattle Penning Association (NCCPA) in which now our S.U. participants are members.

Our competition level riders are earning their right to compete in the NCCPA  and Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo, 2014, showcasing their talent and skills by sorting, penning and moving cattle in an audience based arena.  A twelve (12) year old SU youth placed 3rd in the Rodeo Barrel Racing Competitions. and a seventeen (17) year old SU youth also competed in the Northern California Jr. Rodeo Tour in Chute Dogging & Roping utilizing his skills learned from our professional trainer and has now moved into competition with the NCCPA in the novice division.


Spurred Up maintains the trust that utilizing this type of positive competition, the youth will learn  skills in teamwork, display their talent, hard work as well as their growth in self-esteem. Spurred Up youth also learn the aspect of animal care, such as but not limited to; grooming, nutrition, general care and respect for their animal partners and all animals. Spurred Up youth participate in stall cleaning and maintaining equipment properly is a learned process. Training, listening, following through and hard work is key for reaching your goals.